Tiki Rush: Escape From Lava Island is a side-scrolling, endless runner game where you must run, jump, slide and glide to escape from the boiling, red-hot lava that’s hot on your trail. You will be challenged to use your jungle skills to avoid obstacles such as fallen branches, rocks, spikes, and fire pits—all while collecting jewels and unlocking achievements along the way. This game also features an in-game store allowing you to trade in your jewels for an array of awesome power-ups and funky outfits so that even while you're running for your life, you can at least do it in style!

Check out the Tiki Rush Comic!Check out the Tiki Rush Comic!

Collect Awesome Powerups and Bonuses

just some pretty leaves

Supported devices

Customize your Character in the Tiki Hut

Tons of wacky masks and costumes!